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You might be asking yourself a few questions like…Why choose Prime Time vs other companies and their services? Why pay for a concrete company to come in and pour a whole new slab (that doesn’t match the older concrete) over a few cracks that are in need of repair? Why wait for your concrete quality to continue to degrade if you can resurface, re-seal or re-color it? If you are thinking that it doesnt make sense! well your right! Thats why we at Prime Time are dedicated to making sure our customers are saving money and receiving a better looking and performing concrete surface.

Concrete Facts

Lets face if you have concrete it has cracks or spalling. The severity of it depends on how long it’s been going on and how much exposure its had to the elements.
The freeze thaw cycle is the reason why the cracks get large as fast as they do and spalling occurs. If you are not familiar with the process it goes…

During cold temps water gets into the cracks and pores of the concrete and when it freeze’s it expands causing the the concrete expand beyond its limits until the next day when it melts. At which point it opens it up for more water to get in and repeat the cycle. At Prime Time we repair the damage correctly to block the water from getting in. We then offer numerous fininsh options thought a resurfacer, sealer or both to protect the new concrete from the sun and the daily abuse that all concrete endures, leaving you with a long lasting virtually solution.

The American Concrete Institute recommends that all exterior concrete surfaces be protected by a waterproofing surface sealant.

Here’s why…

When water soaks into an unprotected concrete surface and the temperatures falls below freezing you can look for damage to occur down to the depth of the water penetration. The surface will appear to crumble in layers. This reflects the freezing water expanding as it freezes, first at the surface and then deeper and deeper as the temperatures remain below 32 degrees.

It is not always bad concrete, or a bad concrete installation, or weather conditions at the time of installation. The problem is that the concrete is porous and without a waterproofing surface sealant, water soaks into the concrete. Water is one of the most destructive forces on earth and is the chief instrument of rust, rot and ruin.Concrete is worn into tiny particles that are carried away in the thawing runoff, allowing more water to enter the surface and thus destroy the installation. De-icing salts increase the freeze-thaw cycle damage by at least a factor of ten. Chloride ion penetration is the culprit and just like rock salt makes your home made ice cream freeze faster, it makes your concrete wear out faster too

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