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Our Services - Prime Time Restoration

Our Services

Prime time patios specializes in concrete restoration services.

We offer an assortment of products to pick from that ensure a desired look and feel for our customers at a fraction of the cost for replacement. Hear are the areas of expertise that we will provide to you.

  • Stamped and decorative concrete re-staning and repair

  • Patio, Driveway & Walk way resurfacing and stainning

  • Concrete crack repair

  • Preventative maintenance, sealing of concrete

Here at prime time we believe in doing it right the first time! we took the time to research the plentiful bounty of products on the market, that we feel will offer the most bang for your buck in durability, versatility, innovation and most of all aesthetic appeal. With all of these benefits taken into consideration we are sure that you will be pleased with the end result. Anybody who has a concrete patio or driveway knows the nightmare of cracking, spalling, rust stains. The fact remains that concreete has a raw unfinished look that doesn’t compliment their house or landscaping also the discoloration from grass, leaves and fertilizers creates an undesired look. We at Prime Time believe that this is unacceptable with the technology avaliable.


Our resurfacing option is for our customers that are looking for a cure for that ever so common Spalling problem. We use a Proprietary blend of materials to create a polymer modified concrete mixture that cant be matched by anybody around. Our process ensure a well bonded and strong surface that will last for many years.


We choose to install high quality 100% solids epoxy over using low quality coatings that others offer. Not only is it bullet proof but we have the ability to transform your space into a one of a kind area that is sure to blow customers to neighbors minds. call us to see our options for Epoxy coatings.


Are you tired of that boring grey concrete look? speak with our professionals and come up with a stain look for that grey problem.

Have you lost the color and luster on your stamped concrete? We specialize in in re-coloring, re-tinting, and re-sealing to keep your decorative concrete looking beautiful and protected from Colorado’s brutal weather conditions.

Acid staining will give life to many interior spaces. Its a low maintenance option that will create a smooth colorful floor that will subtlety draw attention.

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